ÖH Salzburg, Finish Pirate Party and ECPG support us

We are happy to announce that the support for our issue is growing further:

With the ÖH Salzburg, part of the Austrian Students’ Union, we are now supported by the representation of over 16.000 students in Salzburg, of which a large number come from abroad and know about the problem of roaming first-hand.

Piraattipuolue (the Pirate Party of Finland) is the Finish branch of the world-wide Pirate Party movement and strives to improve the protection of individual rights, especially privacy, reform laws regarding copyright and patents and increasing openness in decision-making and reforming democracy through the information society.

The European Citizens’ Pressure Group ECPG is a pan-European, pro-European group of citizens and politicians that want so ensure that European Citizen get heard concerning the future development of the European Union.

This just shows the growth trend we observed over the last weeks and we are looking forward to the further development of this campaign!

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