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“Europeans for Fair Roaming” is the campaign that is fully committed to bringing an end to you being ripped-off by high mobile roaming-charges when abroad. The still existing roaming charges damage European integration and they damage our economy! They mean that virtual borders remain for communication where real borders have become invisible.

Because of the work done by our volunteers, the EU institutions have listened and already moved in the right direction with new, great proposals for better EU rules on roaming. But the new regulation is in the vital phase of debate in the European Parliament and is coming under intense fire from the lobbyists of the mobile operators who are afraid to lose their beloved cash-cow.

This is our challenge to meet. We have to step up our efforts, grow our campaign and reach out to more European decision-makers to ensure that the new rules against roaming are not killed by the greed of industry interests. Our campaign is fully run by unpaid volunteers who spend a lot of their private time and money on this project. But in order to finance our efforts, we need to raise another 4600 Euro (for travel costs, printing, mailing, website and advertisements)!

With a small donation of only 5€ (that’s just two cups of coffee!), you can help us to reach this goal! Click below to make it happen (using Paypal):

All your donations will be used 100% for effective campaigning efforts and we will ensure to be totally transparent and show you how every single cent was used! Your small donation now can save you many hundreds of Euros in the coming years. So what are you waiting for? Help us get off the ground now:

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind support,
Bengt Beier

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