ITRE committee gives green light to EU roaming deal

According to Paul Rübig, member of the European Parliament’s ITRE committee, the ITRE committee yesterday formally accepted the new EU roaming regulation. The details of the regulation that will bring down prices for roaming were agreed on between the two EU lawmakers, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers, at the end of March.

After the ITRE committee has now accepted the new regulation, it will be voted on by the European Parliament in early May and the Council of Ministers in June and come in force by July 1. Thanks to the work of Europeans for Fair Roaming and like-minded organisations and members of Parliament, prices will then be slashed even more than originally proposed by the European Commission.

To read the statement by Paul Rübig in German, head over to his website.


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3 responses to “ITRE committee gives green light to EU roaming deal

  1. Its not a 100% certain, but there as been strong suspicions for many years that the European telecom phone networks have been so called ‘throttling’ many Voip (Voice Over Internet Providers) services like Skype. Why? because Voip call costs are just a fraction of the cost compared to making mobile calls around Europe. No surprise then that making and using VoIP have become extremely popular with European phone users.
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  2. I think your article is absolutely right. This is a problem especially because VOIP might be an easy and accessible solution for high costs of cross-border phone calls. This might be an issue that should be raised again with politicians. I’m not sure if we for example could do this without the support of some VOIP providers themselves, though…

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