About us

The people behind Europeans for Fair Roaming

Europeans for Fair Roaming is run by a small team of committed citizens. We are supported by private donations, some members of the European Parliament and the friendly support of the European Federalist Party that allows us to use its infrastructure. We are:

Bengt Beier

Bengt Beier

Political Scientist, co-founder of the European Federalist Party and currently back at University for a Master’s degree

From:  Austria
Function: Campaign coordinator

 Łukasz Grodzicki


From:  Poland
Function: Facebook and Petition campaigner

David Hornshaw

Student and activist of the European Federalist Party

From:  Germany
Function: Networking and research

Nico Segers

Junior Manager and Service Development; Board member of the European Federalist Party

From:  Belgium
Function: Networking and research


What is roaming?

Mobile network operators charge you roaming for calls, sms and data when travelling to another European member state. They justify this by referring to extra expenses charged by using foreign networks. In truth however, most mobile operators either cooperate with one another or maintain their very own network in foreign countries.

We believe that the situation is detrimental to the creation of a single telecommunications market. Businesses and consumers are adversely affected by those roaming charges. This negatively influences the competitiveness of the European economy in its entirety. We are convinced that a single market requires efficient transnational communication within the European Union. This is especially true in a society where the penetration rate of mobile communication is nearly 90%.

“Europeans for fair roaming” calls on all EU institutions to take steps to end this unfair practice. We are a network of organisations and individuals from different backgrounds from all over Europe united by a single goal: using your phone everywhere in Europe should not cost you more than at home!

If you like to find out more how roaming works and why it is so expensive, have a look at those two articles: Gizmodo: Giz Explains: Why Using Your Phone In Another Country Costs So Much and AndroidAuthority: How it Works: Roaming

What we do and how we do it

Our goal is to make mobile phone roaming accross Europe as cheap as domestic phone calls already are as soon as possible. In order to achieve this, we will both campaign publicly and co-ordinate activities with all like-minded orgnanisations in Europe in order to counter the lobbying of mobile network operators. To this end, we already started a facebook group to gather supports for a European campaign for lower roaming fees.

The Facebook campaign “We say NO to Roaming Charges in the EU” and “Europeans for fair roaming” were started and are currently co-ordinated by the European Federalist Party and Europe United Institute but have expanded to a network of organisations and individuals from all over Europe.

Who can join?

“Europeans for fair roaming” is open to all individuals and organisations who want to see lower roaming fees within Europe.

3 responses to “About us

    When you travel to another EU state, you still have to pay roaming fees when you use your mobile phone. This is expensive for you and is killing our economy in Europe. Roaming is unfair and out-of-time! THEREFORE: ABOLISH ALL ROAMING FEES NOW!

    Wenn du in ein anderes EU-Land reist musst du immer noch Roaming-Gebühren zahlen wenn du dein Handy benutzt. Das ist teuer für dich und schadet unserer Wirtschaft in Europa. Roaming ist unfair und veraltet! DESHALB: ABSCHAFFUNG ALLER ROAMING-GEBÜHREN JETZT!

    Quand vous voyagez dans un autre Etat de l’UE, vous devez toujours payer les frais de roaming lorsque vous utilisez votre téléphone portable. Ceci est coûteux pour vous et tue notre économie en Europe. Le roaming est injuste et anachronique. DONC: SUPPRIMEZ tous les frais de ROAMING MAINTENANT!

    Cuando viajamos a otro país de la UE, todavía tenemos que pagar las tarifas de itinerancia para usar nuestro teléfono móvil. Esto es caro para todos y contribuye a estropear aún más nuestra economía en Europa. Las tarifas por Roaming son injustas y algo fuera de tiempo y lugar hoy en día, por lo tanto:..! Que sean abolidasr todas las las tarifas de itinerancia AHORA!.

    Wanneer je naar een ander land in de EU reist, moet je alsnog reis tarieven betalen voor je mobiele telefoon. Daar moet je heel wat extra voor betalen en is slecht voor de europese economie. Dure reis tarieven voor je mobiel zijn oneerlijk en niet meer van deze tijd!

    När du åker till ett annat EU-land måste du fortfarande betala roamingavgifter när du använder din telefon. Detta är dyrt för dig och raseras våran ekonomi i Europa. Roaming är orättvis och gammaldags. DÄRFÖR: AVSKAFFA ALLA ROAMING AVGIFTER NU!

    Atunci cand calatoresti intr-un alt stat din Uniunea Europeana, trebuie sa platesti taxe pentru roaming, daca folosesti telefonul mobil. Ajunge sa fie foarte scump pentru tine si sa omoare economia in UE. Roaming-ul este nedrept si nu face parte din vremurile in care traim! PRIN URMARE: DESFIINTATI TAXELE DE ROAMING ACUM!

    Когато пътувате до друга държава членка на ЕС, все още трябва да плащате такси за роуминг, когато използвате мобилния си телефон. Това е скъпо за вас и убива икономиката в Европа. Роумингът е несправдливост и отживелица! СЛЕДОВАТЕЛНО: ДА ПРЕМАХНАТ ВСИЧКИ РОУМИНГ ТАКСИ СЕГА!

    Nuair a bhíonn tú ag taisteal chuig stát eile san AE, tá tú fós a íoc táillí fánaíochta nuair a úsáideann tú do ghuthán póca Tá sé seo costasach le haghaidh tú, agus tá ár marú n-eacnamaíocht san Eoraip agus sinne e SIN:..! DEIREADH GACH táillí fánaíochta!

    Keliaudami i kita Europos Sajungos sali Jus vis dar turite moketi roamingo (tarptinklinis rysys) mokescius naudodamiesi mobiliuoju telefonu. Tai Jums kainuoja brangui ir zudo Europos ekonomika. Roamingas yra nesazinga atgyvena. REIKALAUJAME: Panaikinti visus roamingo mokescius dabar!

  2. kefalonia

    Όταν ταξιδεύεις σε ένα άλλο κράτος της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης, σου επιβάλεται να πληρώσεις έξοδα περιαγωγής όταν χρησιμοποιείς το κινητό σου. Αυτό είναι ακριβό για εσένα και επίσης καταστρέφει την οικονομία στην Ευρώπη. Η περιαγωγή είναι άδικη και ανεπίκαιρη. ΛΟΙΠΟΝ: ΑΣ ΑΠΟΤΙΝΑΞΟΥΜΕ ΟΛΑ ΤΑ ΕΞΟΔΑ ΠΕΡΙΑΓΩΓΗΣ ΤΩΡΑ!

  3. Thanks a lot kefalonia!

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