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[Press release] EU Roaming-Abschaffung: Eine Salzburger Erfolgsgeschichte

roaming-logo1– Kampagne eines Salzburger Studenten hatte großen Einfluss auf EU-Entscheidung  –

Am Dienstag hat das Europäische Parlament für die endgültige Abschaffung der Roaminggebühren (also der Extragebühren für Handytelefonate und Internetnutzung im Ausland) gestimmt. Ab Juli 2017 dürfen die Handynetzbetreiber nun in den meisten Fällen keine Roaminggebühren mehr erheben. Diese Entscheidung ist auch ein Erfolg für die vom Salzburger Studenten Bengt Beier gegründete Kampagne “Europeans for Fair Roaming”. Diese hatte seit 2010 für eine Abschaffung der Aufschläge gekämpft.

Der bis dato Erfolg der Kampagne war 2012 die Reform der EU-Roamingverordnung, durch welche Preisgrenzen für die Internetnutzung im Ausland eingeführt wurden und durch die sich die EU zur völligen Abschaffung der Roaming-Gebühren verpflichtete. Continue reading

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Fair Roaming awarded EPA Award as “Campaign of the Year”

Our campaign won the European Public Affairs Award in the category “Campaign of the Year”! This is amazing! Thanks a lot to everyone who supported us since 2010!

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FairRoaming answers to consultation on roaming decoupling

In reaction to the new EU roaming regulation that was demanded and supported by us, the European telecom regulation agency BEREC started a consultation in July about the technical implementation of some of the new rules. One of the aspects BEREC is currently researching is how the “decoupling” process will work. From 2014 on, this decoupling will allow mobile phone users to shop around and change their operator when abroad. This will create a real market where competition will drive down the prices for roaming even more. We are working to ensure that this will be as simple and transparent as possible for the end users.

We therefore today presented our answer to the consultation to BEREC. You may download the full document here: FairRoaming – Decoupling Consultation – August 2012

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EU Parliament members in interview

On July 1, the new EU roaming regulation came into force. On this occasion, we asked some members of the European Parliament who supported us for interviews. So, without further ado, read Arlene McCarthy (UK Labour), Judith Merkies (Dutch PvdA), Róża Thun (Polish Platforma Obywatelska) and Dr. Paul Rübig (Austrian ÖVP) debate the new roaming regulation, our activities and other work they are currently doing in the European Parliament:

Bengt Beier ( On July 1, the new EU roaming regulation came into force. It will lead to lower price caps for using mobile phones abroad and better consumer protection against bill shocks. From 2014 on, users will also get the right to choose a different operator for roaming services. How happy are you with this result? Continue reading

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