Europeans for Fair Roaming is possible thanks to private donations, the help of members of the European Parliament and the friendly support of the European Federalist Party that allows us to use its infrastructure. We are supported by the following individuals and organisations:

  • European Federalist Party
  • Heide Rühle MEP (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen – Greens/EFA, Germany)
  • Emilie Turunen MEP (Socialistisk Folkeparti – Greens/EFA, Denmark)
  • Róża Thun MEP (Platforma Obywatelska – EPP, Poland)
  • Ulrike Lunacek MEP (Die Grünen – Greens/EFA, Austria)
  • Catherine Stiller MEP (Labour Party – S&D, United Kingdom)
  • Christian Engström MEP (Piratpartiet – Greens/EFA, Sweden)
  • Fiona Hall MEP (Liberal Democrats -ALDE, United Kingdom)
  • Paul Rübig MEP (ÖVP – EPP, Austria)
  • Karin Kadenbach MEP (SPÖ – S&D, Austria)
  • António Fernando Correia de Campos MEP (Partido Socialista – S&D, Portugal)
  • Elmar Brok MEP (CDU – EPP, Germany)
  • Arlene McCarthy MEP (Labour Party – S&D, United Kingdom)
  • Judith Merkies MEP (PvdA – S&D, Netherlands)
  • Lambert van Nistelrooij (CDA – EPP, Netherlands)
  • Prof. Johannes Pichler (Austrian Institute for Law and Policy, Salzburg)
  • Thomas Gamper (Austrian Institute for Law and Policy, Salzburg)
  • Anne-Marie Sigmund (Economic and Social Council, Brussels)
  • Protesilaos Stavrou (Independent researcher, blogger, podcaster, Brussels)
  • Axel Klug (European Partnerships)
  • JEF – Young European Federalists
  • ZDNet UK
  • FYEG – Federation of Young European Greens
  • Piraattipuolue (Pirate party of Finland)
  • Truphone Ltd.
  • Foundation Catalunya Europa
  • EMF – Forum of e-Excellence
  • Tep
  • Roamline
  • Snappli
  • Junge Europäer Bayern
  • Obniżmy stawki roamingowe w UE
  • ÖH Salzburg
  • European Citizens’ Pressure Group
  • One Europe
  • European Partnerships

… and over 1700 individuals (on social networks, by mail etc.)!

Who can join?

“Europeans for fair roaming” is open to all individuals and organisations who want to see lower roaming fees within Europe. If you like to get more information or want to support our campaign, please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail to

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