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[Press Release] Welcome improvements but prices could be lower

The European citizens’ Initiative “Europeans for Fair Roaming” welcomes the new proposal of the European Parliament to lower roaming charges in Europe but remains committed that prices could be lower. The European Parliament today voted on amendments to the newest push by the EU against the high costs of using mobile phones abroad.

In their proposal, parliamentarians propose  to lower costs for roaming calls to 15ct per minute and for internet access to 20ct per Megabyte (or 200€ per Gigabyte) until 2014. While those prices are still higher than what would have been appropriate according to the European telecom regulator BEREC, they are an improvement over older proposals by the European Commission. Continue reading


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EurActiv: “Roaming overhaul faces national hurdles, delays”

European news site EurActiv reports that the new rules for mobile roaming in the EU may face hurdles from the Council and national governments. Governments seem to be especially wary about the proposals for decoupling (giving consumers a choice of different operators for roaming) and easier network access for small operators. At the same time, the European Parliament ITRE committee has tabled a number of amendment proposals in a report drafted by Ms Angelika Niebler MEP. You may read the whole article over at EurActiv.

While Europeans for Fair Roaming calls on all EU institutions to ensure that the new regulation is adopted, we are confident that the current developments go in the right direction.

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