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EU lowers roaming charges for calls

Since 1 July, the latest round of mobile roaming price cuts for calls and SMS in the EU applies. From now on, mobile network operators are not allowed to take more than 35ct/min (+VAT) for making calls, 11ct/Min (+VAT) for receiving calls and 11ct/SMS (+VAT).

Europeans for Fair Roaming welcomes those changes which are a part of the current EU legislation on roaming but calls on all EU institutions to make sure prices will be lowered further. Prices can still be up to 10 times higher for making roaming calls than they are when you use your phone at home and you still have to pay if someone else calls you while you are roaming. Furthermore, there are still no price caps for data roaming (i.e. using the internet when abroad) which means travellers with internet-enabled smartphones can still ramp up expensive phone bills.

Another issue of concern is the fact that the current legislation will end next year and will have to be renewed until the end of 2011 to ensure customers remain protected against high roaming fees in the upcoming years.

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Campaign against Roaming fees gathers support

The new Europe United campaign against unfair and excessive roaming charges by mobile phone companies is quickly gathering new supporters. Within a few weeks, the facebook group has gathered over 750 members and is growing exponentially.

Join the campaign here.

“This shows the discontempt of Europeans over this unfair practice of phone providers.” stated Bengt Beier, President of Europe United. The European Union has already started a public consultation on this issue where Europe United will stand up for the rights of consumers.

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