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[Press release] EU Roaming-Abschaffung: Eine Salzburger Erfolgsgeschichte

roaming-logo1– Kampagne eines Salzburger Studenten hatte großen Einfluss auf EU-Entscheidung  –

Am Dienstag hat das Europäische Parlament für die endgültige Abschaffung der Roaminggebühren (also der Extragebühren für Handytelefonate und Internetnutzung im Ausland) gestimmt. Ab Juli 2017 dürfen die Handynetzbetreiber nun in den meisten Fällen keine Roaminggebühren mehr erheben. Diese Entscheidung ist auch ein Erfolg für die vom Salzburger Studenten Bengt Beier gegründete Kampagne “Europeans for Fair Roaming”. Diese hatte seit 2010 für eine Abschaffung der Aufschläge gekämpft.

Der bis dato Erfolg der Kampagne war 2012 die Reform der EU-Roamingverordnung, durch welche Preisgrenzen für die Internetnutzung im Ausland eingeführt wurden und durch die sich die EU zur völligen Abschaffung der Roaming-Gebühren verpflichtete. Continue reading

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What future for cross-border communication in Europe?

On 13 October 2015, European Parliament’s europarlTV aired a question-and-answer session with MEP Pilar de Castillo, including input from our campaign co-ordinator Bengt Beier on the next steps in cross-border telecommuncations. Watch the video here:



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[Press Release] Citizens’ campaign successful: EU Mobile roaming charges fall on July 1

iStock_000002479978XSmall– Prices for mobile phone use lowered again, thanks to successful citizens’ campaign –

Checking your e-mails, surfing the web and making calls while on holiday will once again become cheaper this summer. On July 1, the EU will once again act against high roaming charges and will set new cap prices for calls, SMS and internet use on the mobile. This is a success for the 150000-strong campaign “Europeans for Fair Roaming” that brought down prices much more than originally planned.

According to the EU law, prices for using mobiles phones abroad will be lowered to 24ct/min for calls and 45ct/MB for internet access in July 2013 and will keep going down to 19ct/min for calls and 20ct/MB for internet access by 2014. In addition, users will be allowed to choose a different operator for roaming from next year on, which is expected to bring about more competition. Most operators are already starting to offer roaming packages for travellers in reaction to the new law.

A success for citizens

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How citizens changed EU law…

Get the amazing Info Graphic about the FairRoaming campaign here!

Europeans for Fair Roaming has been instrumental in once again bringing down roaming charges in Europe, as the campaign evaluation done by us over summer has shown.

Over the time of the last two years, the Europeans for Fair Roaming campaign managed to build a network of many thousand citizens, 20 associations and 14 Members of the European Parliament. We took part in all steps of the legislative process for the new EU roaming regulation which came into force in July 2012 and managed to successfully campaign for some important changes to the EU rules on roaming. The campaign was mentioned in TV news on ZDF and Euronews, the New York Times, Die Welt, Newsweek, Daily Telegraph, Salzburger Nachrichten, TheParliament.com, EurActiv, ZDNet and more than 70 other sources. The positive and important impact of our work was noted by several key decisions makers. Continue reading

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