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[Press Release] EU Governments agree to new roaming rules

Meeting in Brussels today, European ministers have agreed to the new EU roaming regulation that was passed by the European Parliament three weeks ago.

The Citizens’ Initiative against roaming charges in Europe, “Europeans for Fair Roaming” (FairRoaming.org) applauds the decision. It means that the new EU roaming regulation has now been accepted by both the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers, the two law making bodies in the EU and will come in force on July 1. This new regulation will lower the prices for using mobile phones and tablets within the EU until 2014.

This new regulation is a big success for the citizen-led campaign “Europeans for Fair Roaming” that has been calling for further lowering of roaming charges for the last two years. The campaign managed to unite 20 associations, 14 Members of the European Parliament and a total of 150000 people behind the goal of making roaming charges in Europe a thing of the past.

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[Press Release] Citizens’ Initiative welcomes EU deal for lower roaming costs

EU Council (symbolic image, photo by European Council)

Yesterday evening, the EU lawmakers European Parliament and the Council of Ministers managed to broker a deal that will allow mobile phone, smart phone and tablet users to enjoy much lower costs when using their devices abroad. The deal came after some hard discussions between the two institutions. The citizens’ initiative “Europeans for Fair Roaming” that has been working on this issue warmly welcomes the agreement, even though it hoped for a fast reduction in prices.

According to the deal, prices for roaming will be lowered to 29ct/min for calls and 70ct/MB for internet access in July 2012 and will keep going down to 19ct/min for calls and 20ct/MB for internet access by 2014. In addition, users will be enabled to choose a different operator for roaming which should bring about more competition.

Consumer interests defended

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