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[Press Release] Citizens’ campaign successful: EU Mobile roaming charges fall on July 1

Checking your e-mails, surfing the web and making calls while on holiday will once again become cheaper on Sunday. On July 1, the newest EU rules against high roaming charges will come in force and cap prices for calls, SMS and internet use on the mobile. This is a success for the 150000-strong campaign “Europeans for Fair Roaming” that brought down prices much more than originally planned.

According to the new EU law, prices for using mobiles phones abroad will be lowered to 29ct/min for calls and 70ct/MB for internet access in July 2012 and will keep going down to 19ct/min for calls and 20ct/MB for internet access by 2014. In addition, users will be allowed to choose a different operator for roaming which is expected to bring about more competition. Most operators are already starting to offer roaming packages for travellers in reaction to the new law.

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Flyer über die neue EU-Roaming-Verordnung

Letzte Woche, am 10. Mai, hat das Europäische Parlament für niedrigere Roaming-Gebühren in der EU und einen Markt für Roaming gestimmt. Aus diesem Anlass haben wir in Zusammenarbeit und mit Unterstützung des Europaabgeordneten Dr. Paul Rübig einen Flyer mit Informationen über die neue Roaming-Verordnung entworfen.

Den Flyer gibt es ab jetzt hier zum herunterladen!

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Our demands for fair roaming regulation

While many of the proposed amendments to the new EU roaming regulation are going in the right direction, the discussed price caps are still much too high. The retail price caps for mobile phone users must be set at lower levels than what is currently proposed:

  • No more than 11ct for calls made by 2014
  • Free receiving of calls from 2014 on
  • No more than 10ct/MB for data by 2014

Furthermore, the EU is risking to destroy the business of small operators that wish to enter the roaming market and make attractive offers for roaming if too high hurdles are introduced. We therefore demand the non-discrimination of small and virtual operators accessing roaming services, lower price caps (especially for internet access), free receiving of calls, concrete plans for a more integrated European telecommunications market, and more. For more details, please have a look at our position paper: Roaming Improvements.

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EurActiv: “Roaming overhaul faces national hurdles, delays”

European news site EurActiv reports that the new rules for mobile roaming in the EU may face hurdles from the Council and national governments. Governments seem to be especially wary about the proposals for decoupling (giving consumers a choice of different operators for roaming) and easier network access for small operators. At the same time, the European Parliament ITRE committee has tabled a number of amendment proposals in a report drafted by Ms Angelika Niebler MEP. You may read the whole article over at EurActiv.

While Europeans for Fair Roaming calls on all EU institutions to ensure that the new regulation is adopted, we are confident that the current developments go in the right direction.

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