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EU Parliament members in interview

On July 1, the new EU roaming regulation came into force. On this occasion, we asked some members of the European Parliament who supported us for interviews. So, without further ado, read Arlene McCarthy (UK Labour), Judith Merkies (Dutch PvdA), Róża Thun (Polish Platforma Obywatelska) and Dr. Paul Rübig (Austrian ÖVP) debate the new roaming regulation, our activities and other work they are currently doing in the European Parliament:

Bengt Beier (FairRoaming.org): On July 1, the new EU roaming regulation came into force. It will lead to lower price caps for using mobile phones abroad and better consumer protection against bill shocks. From 2014 on, users will also get the right to choose a different operator for roaming services. How happy are you with this result? Continue reading

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[Press Release] Citizens’ campaign successful: EU Mobile roaming charges fall on July 1

Checking your e-mails, surfing the web and making calls while on holiday will once again become cheaper on Sunday. On July 1, the newest EU rules against high roaming charges will come in force and cap prices for calls, SMS and internet use on the mobile. This is a success for the 150000-strong campaign “Europeans for Fair Roaming” that brought down prices much more than originally planned.

According to the new EU law, prices for using mobiles phones abroad will be lowered to 29ct/min for calls and 70ct/MB for internet access in July 2012 and will keep going down to 19ct/min for calls and 20ct/MB for internet access by 2014. In addition, users will be allowed to choose a different operator for roaming which is expected to bring about more competition. Most operators are already starting to offer roaming packages for travellers in reaction to the new law.

 A success for citizens Continue reading

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[Press Release] EU Governments agree to new roaming rules

Meeting in Brussels today, European ministers have agreed to the new EU roaming regulation that was passed by the European Parliament three weeks ago.

The Citizens’ Initiative against roaming charges in Europe, “Europeans for Fair Roaming” (FairRoaming.org) applauds the decision. It means that the new EU roaming regulation has now been accepted by both the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers, the two law making bodies in the EU and will come in force on July 1. This new regulation will lower the prices for using mobile phones and tablets within the EU until 2014.

This new regulation is a big success for the citizen-led campaign “Europeans for Fair Roaming” that has been calling for further lowering of roaming charges for the last two years. The campaign managed to unite 20 associations, 14 Members of the European Parliament and a total of 150000 people behind the goal of making roaming charges in Europe a thing of the past.

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Our mascot is here: Get your own Roaming Bear now!

Back in April, we created our mascot, the Roaming Bear, with help and input from our great Facebook group. It has taken a bit longer than expected but it is finally here – and you can have your own Roaming Bear as well!

Order your own Roaming Bear here!

For every Roaming Bear you order, 5€ go to our campaign for Fair Roaming in Europe. Our campaign is financed by donations and the private funding of our campaigners only, we are not being paid by any organisation or company. So every help from YOU counts! We already managed to bring down roaming fees for you. Get our amazingly cute Roaming Bear now and help us go on!

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