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JEF Europe and JE Bayern join Europeans for fair roaming

We are very glad to welcome two new partner organisations to our network: this week, JEF Europe, the European umbrella organisation of the Young European Federalists and JE Bayern, the Bavarian organisation of JEF joined “Europeans for fair roaming”. The Young European Federalists are the prime organisation bringing together young pro-Europeans from all over the continent and are renowned for their experience as a European organisation.

With JEF, Europe United and the Austrian Institute for Law and Policy on board, “Europeans for fair roaming” brings together organisations from all over Europe with a huge experience in European politics and campaigning which represent several thousands of individuals.

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Campaign against Roaming fees gathers support

The new Europe United campaign against unfair and excessive roaming charges by mobile phone companies is quickly gathering new supporters. Within a few weeks, the facebook group has gathered over 750 members and is growing exponentially.

Join the campaign here.

“This shows the discontempt of Europeans over this unfair practice of phone providers.” stated Bengt Beier, President of Europe United. The European Union has already started a public consultation on this issue where Europe United will stand up for the rights of consumers.

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