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Please join our new Facebook Page

Due to changes to Facebook’s groups, we are now setting up a new Facebook “Page”. To support our campaign, please head over to our new Facebook page and like it!

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[Press Release]: Organisations unite to finally end unfair roaming charges in the EU

Reports from today have uncovered the new plans of the European Commission to lower roaming charges for using mobile phones abroad in the EU. According to a draft of the proposal, roaming call prices might sink to 24 cents per minute – but only from 2014 on. Further caps, especially for data roaming are to be expected.

In order to ensure that unfair roaming charges will finally be abolished, organisations from all over Europe have joined up to form a network against unfair roaming charges, “Europeans for fair roaming” (www.fairroaming.org). These include the only pan-European political party Europe United – the European Party, European campaign experts from the Austrian Institute for Law and Policy, the European youth organisation JEF, the technology news website ZDNet UK, JE Bayern and French Parti Federaliste and more are expected to join soon. Together, those organisations already represent several ten thousands of citizens from all over Europe. The goal of this European network will be to campaign for the abolition of all unfair mobile roaming charges across Europe.

The President of Europe United, Bengt Beier commented: “The proposals by the European Commission definitely point in the right direction but we now need to make sure they will be implemented. At the end, the EU will have to take action to abolish roaming fees once and for all.”

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Further organisations join FairRoaming

Over the last weeks, the FairRoaming.org network has developed and grown successfully: we are now supported by technology news site ZDNet UK (who are also running the petition against unfair data roaming charges) and the French federalist activists of the Parti Federaliste.

From the 5th to 7th of May,  we were also represented by Europe United President Bengt Beier at the European Citizens’ Initiative Summit 2011 in Vienna where we presented the project to stakeholders and initiators and networked with several other interested organisations. So, stay tuned for the next developments…

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JEF Europe and JE Bayern join Europeans for fair roaming

We are very glad to welcome two new partner organisations to our network: this week, JEF Europe, the European umbrella organisation of the Young European Federalists and JE Bayern, the Bavarian organisation of JEF joined “Europeans for fair roaming”. The Young European Federalists are the prime organisation bringing together young pro-Europeans from all over the continent and are renowned for their experience as a European organisation.

With JEF, Europe United and the Austrian Institute for Law and Policy on board, “Europeans for fair roaming” brings together organisations from all over Europe with a huge experience in European politics and campaigning which represent several thousands of individuals.

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