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[Press release] EU Roaming-Abschaffung: Eine Salzburger Erfolgsgeschichte

roaming-logo1– Kampagne eines Salzburger Studenten hatte großen Einfluss auf EU-Entscheidung  –

Am Dienstag hat das Europäische Parlament für die endgültige Abschaffung der Roaminggebühren (also der Extragebühren für Handytelefonate und Internetnutzung im Ausland) gestimmt. Ab Juli 2017 dürfen die Handynetzbetreiber nun in den meisten Fällen keine Roaminggebühren mehr erheben. Diese Entscheidung ist auch ein Erfolg für die vom Salzburger Studenten Bengt Beier gegründete Kampagne “Europeans for Fair Roaming”. Diese hatte seit 2010 für eine Abschaffung der Aufschläge gekämpft.

Der bis dato Erfolg der Kampagne war 2012 die Reform der EU-Roamingverordnung, durch welche Preisgrenzen für die Internetnutzung im Ausland eingeführt wurden und durch die sich die EU zur völligen Abschaffung der Roaming-Gebühren verpflichtete. Continue reading

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Survey on roaming: take part!

roamingsurveyThe ThinkTank “ThinkYoung” is conducting a survey to determine how young Europeans aged 18-35 view the planned elimination of roaming charges and issues of net neutrality in the framework of the European Commission’s proposal for creating a European single market for electronic communications.

Take part in the survey here: http://thinkyoung.eu/roamingsurvey/

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[Updated with report] EESC organises consultation and hearing on the new EU roaming proposals

eesc-euroamingReacting to the new and widely discussed proposal of the European Commission to create a single telecom market, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is organising a public consultation on roaming, asking “What would abolishing EU roaming charges change for you”. The chairman of the EESC is one of the key supporters of the proposal to remove roaming charges.

This public consultation is giving you the chance to say what you think about:

  • Abolishing EU roaming charges
  • The future of mobile communications in the EU
  • What this all means for you
  • What Europe should now do.

Please take part in the consultation and make sure your voice is heard in Europe: http://www.eesc.europa.eu/?i=portal.en.take-part-roaming

Mark the date

The results of the consultation will be presented in a public hearing on Wednesday, October 23 2013, at the EESC in Brussels!


You can find information, reports and photos about the event on the website of the EESC at http://www.eesc.europa.eu/?i=portal.en.events-and-activities-roaming

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[Press release] EU roaming: consumer group calls for further price cuts

– EU offers deal to carriers: less regulation for no roaming – 


roaming-logo1On Wednesday, EU telecom commissioner Neelie Kroes presented a package of reforms to the telecom sector that could merge the fragmented European telecom markets into a single market by 2016. Under the new plan, which the EU calls a “carrot-and-stick” approach, operators will be expected to abolish roaming fees and offer plans covering all of Europe. In exchange, they would be freed from having to open their networks to competition. However, the user group “Europeans for Fair Roaming” calls for further price cuts in roaming, to no more than 10ct per min and MB.

In addition, the new proposal foresees other measure to allow carriers to operate across-borders, including easier authorisation, better coordination of network access and spectrum allocation, harmonised consumer rights and unified rules for net neutrality.

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