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FairRoaming reaches first goal, gets more support

European Parliament committee - photo by European ParliamentLast week, the European Parliament’s ITRE committee voted for lowering roaming costs within the EU. This marked a big success and step forward for our campaign. The Parliament’s vote followed a proposal of the European Commission from last July but demands even lower price caps for roaming:

  • no more than 15 ct/min to make calls and 5 ct/min to receive calls by 2014,
  • no more than 5 ct for sending SMS,
  • no more than 50 ct/MB for internet access from 2012,
  • no more than 20 ct/MB for internet access from 2014,
  • easier access for alternative operators to offer cheaper roaming services.

Next steps:

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New supporters for our call: Tep and Lambert van Nistelrooij MEP


Our network has once again grown: Dutch member of the European Parliament Lambert van Nistelrooij and roaming operator Tep have joined our efforts.

Lambert van Nistelrooij  is a member of the CDA party and the European People’s Party and supports lower roaming fees as a substitute member of the ITRE committee, which is the key committee discussing the new EU roaming regulation in the Parliament. Please visit his website at www.cda.nl/Nistelrooij for more information.

Tep (www.tepwireless.com) is a special provider for internet access abroad: Tep offers mobile hotspots with data packages for rental that work all over Europe and allow users to go online for low rates even when roaming.


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Judith Merkies MEP calls for action

Dutch member of the European parliament Judith Merkies (who now also supports our mission) has started a write-in campaign for lower roaming charges.

Ms Merkies who sits on the key committee ITRE stated: “Kroes’ proposal is way too cautious. We have a single market in Europe, haven’t we? Then why these high costs? I want to eliminate the differences between national and international rates as soon as possible.”

Merkies prefers more ambitious plans than those of Commissioner Kroes. Her goal is to completely abolish roaming charges until 2014: “From then on, it doesn’t make a difference if you call from another EU member state to Amsterdam, Lisbon or Berlin.”

Support Merkies; call Kroes and MEPs for action
To support her plans, Merkies calls for action: click here to send a direct e-mail to Members of the European Parliament or retweet the tweet posted below

Fed up with high roaming costs? RT this to @NeelieKroesEU, says @judithmerkies. Or e-mail MEPs: http://bit.ly/wE5a83 #stoproamingnow

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Arlene McCarthy MEP endorses our call

 We are happy to announce that Arlene McCarthy, Labour MEP for North West England has endorsed Europeans for Fair Roaming and our demand for lower roaming fees in the EU. Ms McCarthy is a long serving member of the European Parliament and former chair of the influential Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee and current vice-chair of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. In her endorsement, she stated: “I work with my colleagues on the responsible committees now to ensure we continue to enforce and improve the consumer protection measures in place for users of roaming services.”

Please also visit her website at: http://www.arlenemccarthy.labour.co.uk/

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