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And the support for our campaign keeps growing!

Elmar Brok (Source: Wikipedia)We have once again been able to gain new supporters for our campaign over the last days! We therefore now stand at 13 organisations or companies reaching hundreds of thousands of people and 11 members of the European Parliament and are growing constantly!

Here are the newest additions to our growing list of supporters:

  • Last weekend, Europe United and the French Parti Federaliste merged to form the new European Federalist Party – that is now also a proud supporter of our cause!  The European Federalist Party is the largest truly pan-European political party with members all over Europe that works for a more democratic and united Europe.
  • Elmar Brok, member of the European Parliament for the CDU from North Rhine-Westphalia. Elmar Brok is one of the leading members of the CDU and the European People’s Party EPP and sits on some of the most powerful  committees of the European Parliament.
  • Tru is a privately owned mobile wireless network that specialises in global, borderless communication solutions and offers roaming-free connectivity through internet calls and international SIM cards. Tru offers roaming-free mobile solutions for personal and enterprise use.
  • The Foundation Catalunya Europa is one of the largest foundations working for a united Europe in the region of Catalonia. The Foundation brings together most pro-European organisations located in the region and organises and participates in activities all over Europe that strengthen the European idea.
  • The European Forum of e-Excellence EMF is the cross-stakeholders’ network promoting excellence in the digital economy. EMF gathers a broad group of highly innovative and market-driven stakeholders in the digital economy: associations and clusters, large companies, research organisations, public entities, investors, individual experts, etc. EMF thus represents the true engines of the digital economy, while its network reaches out to more than 15.000 ICT-related entities throughout Europe and the world.

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Please donate to keep us going!

Dear friends and supporters,

“Europeans for Fair Roaming” is the campaign that is fully committed to bringing an end to you being ripped-off by high mobile roaming-charges when abroad. The still existing roaming charges damage European integration and they damage our economy! They mean that virtual borders remain for communication where real borders have become invisible.

Because of the work done by our volunteers, the EU institutions have listened and already moved in the right direction with new, great proposals for better EU rules on roaming. But the new regulation is in the vital phase of debate in the European Parliament and is coming under intense fire from the lobbyists of the mobile operators who are afraid to lose their beloved cash-cow.

This is our challenge to meet. We have to step up our efforts, grow our campaign and reach out to more European decision-makers to ensure that the new rules against roaming are not killed by the greed of industry interests. Our campaign is fully run by unpaid volunteers who spend a lot of their private time and money on this project. But in order to finance our efforts, we need to raise another 4600 Euro (for travel costs, printing, mailing, website and advertisements)!

With a small donation of only 5€ (that’s just two cups of coffee!), you can help us to reach this goal! Click below to make it happen (using Paypal): http://bit.ly/s19mBX

All your donations will be used 100% for effective campaigning efforts and we will ensure to be totally transparent and show you how every single cent was used! Your small donation now can save you many hundreds of Euros in the coming years. So what are you waiting for? Help us get off the ground now: http://bit.ly/s19mBX

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind support,
Bengt Beier

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ÖH Salzburg, Finish Pirate Party and ECPG support us

We are happy to announce that the support for our issue is growing further:

With the ÖH Salzburg, part of the Austrian Students’ Union, we are now supported by the representation of over 16.000 students in Salzburg, of which a large number come from abroad and know about the problem of roaming first-hand.

Piraattipuolue (the Pirate Party of Finland) is the Finish branch of the world-wide Pirate Party movement and strives to improve the protection of individual rights, especially privacy, reform laws regarding copyright and patents and increasing openness in decision-making and reforming democracy through the information society.

The European Citizens’ Pressure Group ECPG is a pan-European, pro-European group of citizens and politicians that want so ensure that European Citizen get heard concerning the future development of the European Union.

This just shows the growth trend we observed over the last weeks and we are looking forward to the further development of this campaign!

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MEPs Karin Kadenbach and António Fernando Correia de Campos endorse our call

 With Karin Kadenbach and António Fernando Correia de Campos, two further members of the European Parliament just announced their support for our call for fair roaming charges in Europe. Ms Kadenbach is an Austrian MEP from Vienna specialising in consumer protection as well as environmental protection, regional policy and agricultural policy. Mr Correia de Campos is a Portuguese MEP and works on the Parliament’s Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection and the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy. Both are members of the social democrat S&D group.

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